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Why a Penis Health Creme Is Truly Man’s Best Friend

50For most men, penis care is fairly limited, consisting of regular showers, protection during intimate encounters, and the occasional dollop of lube or lotion during solo sessions. But men who do more for their penis can experience all sorts of benefits, ranging from better disease fighting ability to better sensation to better performance. In fact, the right penis health crème may be so helpful and so vital in terms of a man’s penis care regimen that they can truly turn out to be a man’s best friend. Here are just some of the things that a specially formulated penile cream has to offer.

1. Targeted penis nutrition. Like the rest of the body, the penis requires the right nutrients to stay healthy and function at its best. However, eating for the penis is difficult, as there’s a long road between a man’s mouth and his junk. All of the nutrients a guy crushes between his teeth need to make the circuit through the body, and the conscious brain has no control over where the nutrients might land. If those nutrients get earmarked by the digestive system for other parts of the body, the jewels might get short shrift in the nutrition department.

Applying a nutrient rich lotion is another story, as it is applied directly to the targeted area. Once it is massaged into the skin, it takes only moments for them to begin penetrating the outer dermal layers and delivering vitamins and minerals where they are needed. Unlike nutrients that are delivered orally, none of these are eliminated through the digestive tract, either, so a man won’t flush away his progress. Instead, he’ll get the help he needs where he needs it.

2. Improved Sensitivity

The ability to enjoy sex is deeply dependent on a man’s ability to feel every sensation, no matter how subtle. The more he can feel, the more he can respond, and the more pleasurable the whole event is for everyone involved. A product made just for the intimate skin that covers a man’s precious inches can make this sensation easier to feel.

Products like this can:

  • Soften skin
  • Nourish the penile nerve cells
  • Support adequate blood flow
  • Minimize keratinization of the outer dermal layer

All of these factors could be vital in the development of a patch of skin that’s just humming with life, waiting to respond.

3. Better Performance

Sex is a head game, and feeling confident and attractive is half the battle. Men who have a Johnson that’s supple, strong and healthy just know that they’ll be able to bring about some happy screaming in their partners, and they just can’t wait to show off what they have to offer. On the other hand, blotchy skin, fishy smells and a rough, dry appearance can all conspire to make a man feel inferior, and if he feels as though he’ll disappoint, he’s more than likely to do so.

Boosting performance is tricky, but sometimes, just changing the way a man thinks about his penis can do wonders. Setting aside a little time each day to clean and nourish the area can also provide a man with the opportunity to track his healing, and as he gets better, his confidence might grow. When he hops into the sack after treating his manhood with a penis crème, he might be able to deliver a performance of a lifetime, and he might be ready to repeat that performance in all the days that follow.

All of these benefits begin with the regular application of a quality penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). This product can be used once or even twice daily, and it should be applied to skin that’s both clean and dry. It should never be used as a personal lubricant, but should be considered a vital, and even a lovable, part of a man’s secret personal care regimen.

Penis Health and Frottage: Safety Tips

49Frottage is defined in a number of ways. Some people mean “dry-humping,” or rubbing the genitals against another person while both are clothed; some people use the word to describe the highly illegal and immoral practice of rubbing oneself against others in a crowd for sexual pleasure. Here, frottage will refer to the act of two or more bodies rubbing together clothed or unclothed to achieve sexual stimulation.

Since it is a type of sexual activity that involves no penetration, some may think that the practice is 100% safe. Yet that may not be the case. In the interest of maintaining optimal penis health, men need to know the risks associated with this activity.


Anytime a man’s semen enters a woman’s vagina, there is a possibility of pregnancy. Researchers still aren’t sure if pre-seminal fluid can cause pregnancy, but it may be able to do so. This means that people engaging in genital rubbing may still run the risk of conceiving if they allow the man’s fluids near the opening of the woman’s vagina.


Sexually transmitted infections can be passed through skin-to-skin contact or through bodily fluids like penile or vaginal discharge, or blood. Some STIs that can be contracted through bare frotting are herpes, HPV, HIV and pubic lice.

It’s always a good idea to ask sexual partners the following:

– When were they last tested, for what, and what were the results?

– Have they had new partners since then?

– How well do they know their past partners’ sexual histories?

– Do they use condoms with other partners?

Other Infections

Jock itch is caused by an overgrowth of the tinea cruris fungus and is a common groin rash among men. Though it rarely impacts women, it is possible for the fungus to spread to them.

If a woman has a yeast infection, she can pass it through her fluids to a man. Even if he’s not penetrating, if she is wet and his penis gets her fluids on it, it’s possible to contract the yeast infection.


Rough, dry skin is a common result of friction, and there’s no shortage of friction while frotting, especially if partners are doing so clothed. The vaginal area may become sore and raw, as may the penis. Both these results often come along with penetrative sex as well.

Safety First

Frotting partners will be safest if they take precautions against possible health issues related to the practice. If pregnancy is not desired and the partners are engaging in genital rubbing, it’s a good idea to use condoms even though penetration isn’t occurring. This can also help prevent the spread of any infections that may be in the area, although it doesn’t guarantee this.

Another thing couples may want to do is use lubricant while frotting. This can help prevent a lot of dry skin and chafing issues. If wearing clothes, try to avoid rough materials like denim and garments with buttons or zippers.

Men may overlook the importance of skin care, but maintaining healthy penile skin is imperative not only for the look and feel of the manhood, but for its ability to sense pleasure as well. That’s why it’s a good idea for men to use a quality penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). With both Shea butter and vitamin E, this crème is a fantastic moisturizer made specifically for the penis. It also includes acetyl L-carnitine, which protects nerves from the kind of damage that often comes with rough handling. This may help men maintain a high level of sensitivity, meaning a more pleasurable sex life. Keeping the penis in peak condition is always advised, and doing so is easier with Man1 Man Oil.

What to Do If It Occurs

48Men who are interested in maintaining an active and enjoyable sex life make penis health a top priority. After all, good penis health has a direct impact on how much please a man gets from his sexual activities. But there are some conditions, such as anejaculation, which can have a serious effect on a man’s sex life even if the penis itself remains in good shape.

What is anejaculation?

Most men have never heard of anejaculation, which is a in some ways a good thing. It’s a fairly rare condition, which means that the majority of men won’t have to deal with it. But what is it, exactly?

The word “anejaculation” means “no ejaculation,” and that describes the problem quite accurately: men with this condition are unable to ejaculate semen. The man still makes sperm, mind you, but the prostate gland and the seminal ducts can’t release the semen, often due to blockage.

This doesn’t mean that they don’t get erect or react to stimulation. It also doesn’t necessarily mean that they can’t have an orgasm; many men with anejaculation do indeed orgasm, but they do so without ejaculating.

Forms of anejaculation

There are several kinds of anejaculation. Situational anejaculation means that there are some times when a man can ejaculate and others when he cannot. Situational anejaculation is often the result of tension and anxiety. For example, a man may be asked to give a semen sample at a doctor’s office but may feel pressured and may fail to release seed despite going through all the proper motions. In some other instances, a man may ejaculate during masturbation but not during intercourse (or the other way around, as well).

Total anejaculation means that a man never is able to ejaculate. In these cases, he may have either orgasmic or anorgasmic anejaculation. In the former, orgasm is achieved; in the latter it is not. (In some cases, a man with anorgasmic anejaculation is capable of both ejaculating and orgasming, but only in his sleep.)

Some men have primary anejaculation and have never ejaculated; others have secondary anejaculation and have achieved ejaculation at some point(s) in their lives.


There can be several causes of anejaculation. Situational anejaculation is most often related to psychological factors, especially stress. Diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and other conditions (including spinal cord issues) that affect the nervous system can also be the culprit, as can traumatic injury or surgery to the groin and surrounding areas. Low testosterone and certain psychotropic medications may also be part of the problem.


Treatment depends upon the root cause. Psychological factors can be worked through with a trained mental health therapist. Switching medications or hormone therapy may be appropriate in other cases, as can properly managing underlying conditions, such as diabetes, that create the anejaculation situation. Vibrator therapy can be useful in producing ejaculation in some cases, as can electrical stimulation; both should be overseen by a doctor for safety reasons.

Penis health can be impacted by anejaculation when the penis continues to receive stimulation after orgasm (or in search of an orgasm), because the man assumes the lack of ejaculation means that the sexual experience is not over. This can lead to extreme soreness which can be alleviated through the application of a top flight penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). Soothing the penis in such situations requires a crème with shea butter (one of the premier emollients) and vitamin E, both of which provide healing hydration for a penis that has been rubbed raw. Also essential is the presence of vitamin C in the crème, as vitamin C is known for its role in collagen production, which in turn gives tone and elasticity to penis skin. Rough sex, due to anejaculation or other reasons, requires proper regular care to keep the penis healthy.

Exercises for Premature Ejaculation

47More and more men today are taking greater care in attending to their penis health, and that’s excellent news. A healthy penis is a key factor when a man is working on improving his sexual health; and when talking sexual health, the issue of premature ejaculation comes up frequently. Taking steps to control ejaculatory issues is an important part of the discussion.

Hard to define

In some ways, the definition of premature ejaculation is a bit hard to pin down. According to the Mayo clinic, the “time limit” associated with premature ejaculation is one minute (or less) after penetration. Various studies have attempted to determine what the average amount of time between vaginal entrance and ejaculation is for a man. One study found that 5.4 minutes was the norm; another determined it was 7 minutes.

However, for many men (and couples), premature ejaculation is not based on one specific set time; rather, it is defined as a man ejaculating at any time prior to his partner achieving satisfaction. Under this definition, it’s possible for a man to vigorously engage in sex for, say, an hour and still ejaculate “prematurely” if his partner remains unsatisfied.

In general, it may be better to state that a man whose ejaculatory control is simply less than he would like it to be believes he is having premature ejaculation issues.


While there is no guarantee that a man can alter the speed of ejaculation, there are some exercises in which many men engage which are associated with enhanced ejaculatory control.

– Kegels. Performing kegel exercises is recommended by many not just for ejaculatory control but also for general penis health. The pubococcygeus muscle extends along the pelvic “floor,” from the pubic bone to the tailbone. If a man is urinating and needs to stop before he is finished, he naturally tightens the pubococcygeus in order to cut off urinal flow. Contracting and releasing this muscle is calling performing a “kegel.” Doing two or three sets of 10 kegels every day is thought to give a man greater control during sex.

– Edging while masturbating. Many men also recommend “edging” as a way of gaining control over the ejaculation. Edging simply means masturbating to the point where a man almost ejaculates, stopping, and then resuming masturbation again until the same thing happens a second time, and repeating this for as long as possible. Some men can edge for an hour or more while masturbating and report that this helps them extend themselves during sex.

– Edging during intercourse. Also called “stop and start,” this is essentially employing edging while having partner sex. The man thrusts until he is nearing ejaculation, then withdraws, waits a few moments, and begins thrusting again.

– Squeezing. As a variation on edging during intercourse, the male withdraws as ejaculation draws closer and squeezes the base of the penis very tightly until the desire to ejaculate diminishes. He then resumes thrusting. Some men find this more effective than simple edging.

For some men, premature ejaculation is based on psychological concerns; seeing a mental health therapist can help them identify issues which might result in premature ejaculation challenges.

Other ways to improve sexual health

Men who wish to improve their sexual health through premature ejaculation exercises should be aware that edging and squeezing may result in a sore (if happy) penis. Regularly using a superior penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) can help alleviate that soreness. Choose a crème that is going to moisturize the raw, tender skin; one with Shea butter (a high end emollient) and vitamin E (an excellent hydrator) is best. The crème also needs to repair damage, so be sure it contains vitamins and nutrients associated with enhanced skin health, such as alpha lipoic acid and vitamins B5, C and D.

Cite For Me: An entire Help of FREE Citation Generators

Cite For Me: An entire Help of FREE Citation Generators

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